Blue Night Yellow Day EP

by Jenna Ellefson

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In her second studio release, Jenna Ellefson brings us her tender lyrics and gentle vocals with open hands. An honest incarnation of a personal journey, Blue Night Yellow Day was built in earnest from the ground up. This time around, Jenna's "Sweet Band" has evolved to include a wide swath of Portland musicians, hand-picked for each track.

Review from Willamette Week
"With her newest EP, Blue Night Yellow Day, as her witness, folkstress Jenna Ellefson has proven she can turn even the hardest souls into pure putty. The Portlander’s chalky voice, coupled with delicate and minimalistic folkscapes, makes for quite the serenade. While stark, the sound echoes Ellefson’s Western upbringing, gently bubbling with a woodsy sense of enchantment and wonder."


released June 20, 2013

Produced by Jenna Ellefson and Peter Rodocker at Yellow Room Recording



all rights reserved


Jenna Ellefson Portland, Oregon

Jenna grew up in lush Oregon, beside waterfalls, amid tall trees and foxgloves. One flowery spring, on a whim, she bought a little banjo...and suddenly all the poems she had been scribbling, and all the melodies she had been humming, and all the beautiful places she had seen spilled out over its little plucky strings and finally...she had songs to sing. ... more

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Track Name: A Garden
I came over
To your apartment
And I stayed all night

While you were sleeping
I watched the ceiling
Slowly turn into sky

And little by little
a river came
pouring in

So we made a raft from
Wool and cotton
And we floated away

Across petals on water from
Blooming wallpaper
We were carried away

The whole world is a dream

We put out toes in
To the water
To swim with silver fish

I’m going under
Blue like water
I’m gonna sink

The whole world
can go
on spinning
Track Name: Poppies
like waking up from a sweet, sweet dream
head in the clouds and thick with sleep
the weight of the sky I’m underneath
the earth fell away from under my feet

singing the words that lovers do
your fingerprints all over the moon
saying the words with my eyes closed
just let him go

oh sweet boy like the summer sun
you came to me with honey on your tongue
then easy as water, soft as rain
said oh sweet girl it’s better this way

and it’s too late
nothing to save me
you are not what I thought
it’s not what I thought
there is blue sky
birds are singing and I’m breaking

I will lay me down and the ground and sleep
by daylight I won’t remember a thing
the scent of flowers the hum of bees
the warmth of your hands when you reached for me

mourning doves will call and call
and I never kissed your mouth at all
the poppies will hang their heads with dew
and I never loved you
Track Name: Like Rain
Sweetheart I see you been crying
You hide it behind your bright smile
But I can see you are worried
Something’s been weighing on your mind

Someone has gone before me
And taken the light from your face
And now you say you are left with
Only your biggest mistakes
Like cold rain

You say you have no love to give me
Then why do you cry those salt tears
Come for to rest now beside me
I’ve been so lonesome here

I feel you keeping your distance
You don’t have to be so afraid
Spend your nights so broken-hearted
Lost inside long lonely days
Like cold rain

Oh the night wind is sighing
I know that you have your doubts
But morning birds are calling
I couldn’t leave you now

Bring me your stormy weather
And all of your long lonely days
Lay down the things that have hurt you
And all of your biggest mistakes
Like cold rain
Track Name: You Have to Wait
I know you want me to
come knocking on your door
I know you want me to stay
and never run around no more
but you’re gonna have to wait
baby, youre gonna have to wait

cuz there’s a sky outside just full of stars
I’ve still got some wishes I’ve been counting on
and I still got some big mistakes
that I wanna make
so you’re gonna have to wait

Every time I leave your step
You fuss and you whine
and every time I get ahead
you tell me to get behind
but I don’t like to wait
baby, I’m not gonna wait

cuz there’s a world outside
and it’s looking for me
and I know it has lots of things it wants me to see
and I know you want me to do
just what you say
but your gonna have to wait

Oh, baby oh no baby please don’t cry
oh honey you won’t have to hear me say goodbye
oh darling we don’t have to say good bye
cuz I’m leaving in the middle of the night

I’m running away underneath a big white moon
He’s laughing, baby
Ya, he’s laughing too
He’s shining through the deep dark trees and lighting me a way
and you’re gonna have to wait

I’m running away underneath a big white moon
He’s laughing, baby Ya, he’s laughing too
He’s shining through the deep dark trees and lighting me a way
and you’re gonna have to wait
Track Name: Sleeping in a Field of Hay Outro
Close your eyes and dream
Dusk will let you sleep
Up against the rows
of wheat

Stars will fill the sky
Sharp and new and white
There will be no other one
for me

I tell you I'm not leaving
Tell me all your secrets
You know I will keep them

Through the blue night
To the yellow day